IT solutions for U.S. federal, state and local government

Citrix solutions protect the government’s most sensitive information on a federal, state and local level. Employees, contractors and partners have the flexibility to choose how they work with seamless and secure access to their workspace, plus the resources they need to work from anywhere. End-to-end visibility of connections, traffic and user activity allows IT to address security and compliance priorities without compromising productivity.

Citrix has developed relationships with leading industry partners to deliver apps and data securely. Working with companies like Microsoft, Citrix is building and supporting technology to incorporate best-in-class security technology across platforms

Public housing authority builds its future on Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure Government

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Citrix solutions for federal government

  • Protect web applications from malicious threats, including denial of service attacks (DoS) with context-aware security controls.
  • Deliver a secure BYOD program by focusing on managing data and rather than the underlying device.
  • Provide end users with consumer-like experiences to increase productivity.
  • Consolidate networking services and appliances to reduce cost and manage overhead.
  • Enhance flexibility by securely delivering mission-critical applications that are abstracted from endpoint devices.

Citrix solutions for state and local government

  • Protect confidential data and keep sensitive government data secure by granting flexible, multi-level access to authorized personnel.
  • Recover from disasters quickly, ensuring that desktops, applications and data are accessible prior to, during and after a disaster.
  • Provide high availability of data, giving government workers uninterrupted, secure access to desktop and apps as they change location, device, or network.
  • Increase IT productivity to meet the needs of all workers while reducing operational costs.
We can focus more attention on our primary mission: making sure the people we serve have a decent, safe, and sanitary place to live.
Craig Patterson
Acting CIO
Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority

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