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In order to deliver a high-quality user experience and ensure consistent access policies, IT must provide single sign-on (SSO) across all applications in the digital workspace. But to extend security controls beyond SSO, admins also need a digital workspace solution with enforceable security controls that manage how users interact with company data stored within SaaS and web apps. A successful access management strategy must look for ways to improve governance and control over users’ interactions with data, such as monitoring user actions and enforcing automatic controls based on user behavior. However, the strategy must also protect these users and their devices from malicious Internet content, like malware or Trojans.

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Citrix Workspace enables you to consolidate access to your applications and to the Internet with a user-friendly SSO experience. Users get the convenience of one login for all their apps, including SaaS and on-premises web applications. Unlike traditional vendor solutions that require multiple products, Citrix Workspace gives end users seamless, secure access through a single solution. Meanwhile, IT can monitor and analyze user activity from a single dashboard and implement a consistent set of security policies. 

With Citrix Workspace, you can control the actions that users can take after they log in to any application, including SaaS and on-premises web apps, in order to prohibit the unauthorized dissemination of confidential data. Controls such as preventing printing, copying or pasting and enforcing watermarks help you manage this. 

Citrix Workspace allows you to define web-filtering policies for what a user can or cannot access on the Internet, using any native browser. With advanced web filtering policies, you can keep users from accessing malicious or unsanctioned websites. You can also stop users from inadvertently accessing phishing links in their Office 365 or Gmail accounts. This protects both user information and your entire infrastructure from any malicious content.

The Citrix Workspace armored client secures browser connections to virtual, web or SaaS applications. This  protects data and end-user devices from security threats, such as keylogging, screen capturing or session videoing, DNS poisoning, session hijacking or other browser vulnerabilities.

Citrix Secure Browser, included with Citrix Workspace, allows you to restrict user access to certain websites—including social media platforms or other unsanctioned SaaS applications—using a secure browser session. Citrix Secure Browser completely redirects Internet browsing activities to a cloud-hosted browser, adding layers of security and preventing the infiltration of any malicious HTML code.

Citrix product

Citrix Workspace

  • Provide end users with instant access to all apps, data, and files across any device, network or and location with easy single sign-on.
  • Prevent users from accessing malicious or non-compliant Internet content with advanced web filtering policies.
  • Avoid data loss from SaaS and web apps with secure browsing and policies such as restricting printing and copying.

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