Miami Marlins mobilize the fan experience

When a major league baseball team moves into a brand new multimillion-dollar stadium, the victories don’t just occur on the field.

Just a few years ago, the Miami Marlins were finishing construction on their state-of-the-art ballpark and knew they needed an equally advanced IT infrastructure, one that would enable their 500-plus employees to be as agile and quick as their famous players.

The team turned to Synergy Development Consulting, a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor and Citrix Specialist in Virtualization; Networking for Data Center. Using Citrix Workspace Suite, Synergy designed a solution that enables enterprise mobility and secure access to applications and data.  Marlins staff can now access all their important applications and team information via Citrix XenDesktop, which provides virtual desktops that can be used safely on any mobile device with Citrix XenMobile. Citrix ShareFile enables easy information collaboration, especially for baseball scouts working in remote locations, and Citrix GoToAssist helps the IT department give the best tech support possible.

The result?

  • Employees can work anytime, anywhere--inside or outside the stadium
  • Scouts have a secure way to safely transmit sensitive information back to the team
  • Mobile sales team can now show a 3D-stadium model to customers, letting them choose their seats, and then fulfill the order immediately, resulting in greater sales and customer satisfaction
  • The Marlins can easily scale resources up during the height of the baseball season, quickly adding to its salesforce and call center to improve customer support

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