KL is a private interest and membership organization for Denmark's 98 municipalities. It is KL's aim is to protect the Danish municipalities shared interests and contribute to the municipalities politically and administratively carry out their duties. The organization counts 420 highly skilled employees.

IT function in KL ensure safe and cost-effective IT operations for the 520 internal users and 130 users in Kombit municipal IT community. KL uses a large number of systems, including various dedicated systems and the SharePoint-based DMS GetOrganized.

The Challenge: Inflexible load balancing 

Rune Koop came to KL as IT manager on August 1st 2012. One of the first tasks he had to complete was to implement GetOrganized, and have it operational by November 1st on the basis that KL's Citrix environment would then upgraded to XenApp 6,5.

The Challenge: ERM implementation could not be pushed 

"We had a load balancing solution in the form of a F5-box. But it gave us many challenges because it was difficult to adjust. Every time we changed something in our systems the same change had to be made in the interface to F5, which was cumbersome, time consuming and very expensive in consulting fees, as well as being difficult for our own web folks," says Rune Koop, IT manager, adding: "F5 the solution was simply too complex and too inflexible.”

Rune Koop had to find a solution for the new ERM system. "We made an analysis in which we compared the F5 and Citrix NetScaler, and based on that we took a decision to drop the F5 and opted instead for NetScaler solution."

La solución: NetScaler - a flexible virtual solution 

"Based on our analysis, we conclude that Citrix NetScaler was a good solution that fits our installation. Citrix NetScaler was both available as both hardware and software solutions. We could do with a software solution.

"Apart from that it was a much cheaper solution than we were used to, so it seems to be easy to set Citrix NetScaler up in front of our standard systems," explains Rune Koop.

So in early October took KL a decision to drop the F5 and replace Citrix NetScaler for load balancing.

Key Benefit

Quick to set up, easty to scale up and down  

"Compared to F5 that external consultants had boxed for many hours, so it was very easy to introduce Citrix NetScaler. NetScaler delivered namely with templates for many systems, including Presentation Server, Exchange Server and SharePoint. So it took only 30 hours to get NetScaler in place," says Rune Koop and continues:

"Therefore, we also entirely planned to embark on implementation of the new ERM system per. November 1st, which had been difficult goal to reach, if we had been at F5."

The Future: Other Citrix NetScaler projects ahead 

Rune Koops experience with Citrix NetScaler means that he is optimistic about the future.

"It turned out that Citrix NetScaler is really easy to work with and easy to scale up and down. So it seems very clear in the future to put NetScaler in front KL.dk, our very large and highly visited website.

NetScaler is not the only Citrix product KL now uses.

"Citrix XenApp is an important element in our total IT solution because it allows us to control the whole environment, and allows us to do things in one place, whether it is to install plug-ins or update Java," concludes Rune Koop, IT operations manager in KL.

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Citrix XenApp is an important element in our total IT solution because it allows us to control the whole environment, and allows us to do things in one place, whether it is to install plug-ins or update Java.
- Rune Koop

IT Operations Manager



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